Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Florida Fly Day.

The kids did really good for the big, long flight.

We had the very last row on the plane, which was great because it was right next to the bathroom. I brought their pjs to change into on the second flight. We left Anchorage at 530p and finally got to Orlando at 712a. As expected, Grace curled up and went to sleep, without an issue. The unexpected part was, so did Frankie. The last time we flew, he literally made himself sick because he was so tired and wouldn't go to sleep. But he must have been tired enough, because they were both asleep before we took off. They stayed sleeping for all but the last hour or so of the flight.
Not bad at all.

When we got off the plane, they got into their third set of clothes (new holiday clothes from Nana!) and we were ready to roll. All the bags showed up (thankfully! Again, not the case on our last flight...), got the rental and we were on the road, looking for breakfast. The kids fell asleep right away. I had done some research and found this great little place for locals called Peach Valley Cafe. It was tucked into a little strip mall; the service was good, the food tasted great and was really inexpensive.
Frankie loved the homemade apple fritters.

We were supposed to hit up my Ikea and Crate and Barrel, but because it was Sunday they didn't open until 11a and since everyone really wasn't in the mood, I said we could skip it. Instead we took the coastal roads north to St. Augustine.
On the way, we stopped at Target for the essentials;
buckets and shovels, beach blanket and juice boxes.
After a little driving, we stopped at the first beach.
It was hot + humid, but so nice to feel the sand and the water between our toes.
The kids loved the beach. So much.
Then it was back to the car for the last bit.
Checked into the hotel and settled in.

That's it for today.
More to come tomorrow.
People are calling for oven toast.

{pictures are from top left to bottom right.}

Grace at Anchorage airport, waiting to board.
Frankie endless playing with the tray table.
Grace and Frankie, ready for take off.
Frankie, Frank and Grace waiting to board the second plane in Seattle.
Frankie, Grace and Frank just arrived in Orlando, waiting to get off the plane.
Grace and Frankie on the train between terminals. Frankie thought he hit the jackpot.
Grace on the beach.
Grace and Frankie on their way down to the beach.
Frankie on the beach.

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  1. It sounds like a wonderful vacation so far! I love the picture of the kids and Frank walking down to the beach, so great!

    p.s. don't you just love "picnik"!



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