Saturday, June 5, 2010

Back in a Bit.

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We are off to Florida today!
I am so thrilled that the only kid gear we have are two booster seats!
Seems so strange (and fabulous!) not to have to lug another entire duffle bag stuffed to the gills with travel beds, diapers, wipes, bathing options, eating options, 17 extra outfits (just in case!).
And no stroller. Wow. This might be fun! Ha!!

The kids each have their own back pack filled with their comfort stuff and I might have a new toy for each of them in my own back pack.

I'm bringing three books with me.
I'm sure this is overly confident that I'll be able to read one book, but I like to be prepared.

Shovels and buckets (and maybe a beach umbrella) will be purchased when we get there.

See you next week!

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