Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Reading Rendezvous!

What a great start to any Saturday when this is what's looking back at you from the rear view!

We went to the Reading Rendezvous hosted over at the library this past weekend.
Packed down with a picnic lunch and a blanket, we were ready for a great day in the sun.

This event is the annual kick-off for the summer reading program here in Anchorage and let me tell you, they do not mess around! There were booths everywhere, a stage, balloons.
It was so much fun.

Grace has become obsessed with the microphone. She literally ran up to this lady so she could answer the questions she was asking any of the passersby's.

The lady asked her what her favorite book was; Grace answered, "Ramona".

Then we walked around for a bit, hitting the booths.

Frankie found this one right away!

These giant balloon things were all over; I thought they were so great looking.

Next was the mandatory lunch, but we started eating right when the music started so Grace wasn't that into sitting around. She was up and out, right in front, dancing and singing.

Frankie was pretty mellow about the whole thing. He sat with me and ate his lunch. At one point he got up and danced around with Grace, but he mostly just laid in the sun, on the blanket with me and watched. I loved every second of it. I could see Grace enjoying herself, being super independent while I got some good snuggle, quiet time (IN THE SUN!!) with my boy. I remember thinking, "I am so blissfully happy". Sunshine will do that to an Alaskan, you know!

After all the music and dancing, I made Grace finish her lunch and then we walked around to the rest of the booths. We made bookmarks, drew pictures of favorite books, got to pet some animals, all great stuff.

Then the magician was starting his act. So back onto the blanket for me and Frankie and Grace hit the front row. She was one of the first volunteers.

She got to "talk" through the canned phone.

and send a "fax"!

She thought this guy was hilarious!

Now, let me tell you something I loved.
One of the big sponsors was Target.
Look what they were giving away!!!

Super cute CANVAS bags!!!

I have no idea how I ended up with two of them...
Love those rope handles and the rivets.


  1. omg! I am loving the canvas bag! So great that each of you got to get a bag!

  2. I love them too! I've been using them everyday for something!



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