Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mother's Day Boating.

We got a late start on Saturday because we were still tying up loose ends, dusting off boat things that have been put away for the long winter. We got into the water around 2pm.
The weather was perfect.

Our first stop was to drop the shrimp pots. Mark was with us and was a great help, as always. He drove the boat while Frank dropped the pots. He picked it up a lot faster than I have. By the next day, he was getting pretty good at it, where I am still, ahhh, learning...

After that, we went to our favorite little cove for the night. Grace announced that she was tired and hungry now, so could I please make dinner so she could go to bed. I think it's so funny when she decides that it time for her to go to sleep. After a quick dinner, the kids were down for the night before we even anchored.

Frank ran the anchor and Mark again, drove the boat. It was just about now when we discovered the bulkhead door had gone from being tricky to broken. So broken that we couldn't get out. Frank climbed through the window, had the crazy heavy tool box passed through the window and between the tools and his trusty Costco card, finally got the door to unlatch. Turns out it was totally broken. So for the rest of the trip we had to keep the door locked in order for it to stay closed. Oh well. Could be worse, could always be worse.

I grilled up dinner for the grown-ups and while we were eating, I looked over toward shore and spotted a bear! So cool.

The guys were up and on deck super fast. They took lots of pictures and I watched him through the binoculars. He grubbed around for about twenty minutes, just eating, watching the seal watching him and occasionally looking our direction. I love the boat.

Next day started early, but once the coffee was going, we were all in fine shape.

We picked up the shrimp pots and moved to another spot. After dropping them again and went to find a good place to beach up to try the new dingy. I took a nap. In the sun. Lovely.

Isn't this cool how the rocks moved around with the water, standing themselves up?
They were flat everywhere else.

The guys took the the kids to land while I made lunch.
We had lunch on the deck of the boat, then Grace wanted to take me ashore to show me the flowers she found.

Aren't they pretty and unusual?
They were growing up out of the fresh water.

Here she is with the flower she picked to give me for Mother's Day.

We pulled anchor and went back to pick up the shrimp pots.
We got about six pound of tails total; not bad.

The kids love to hold the shrimps by their "whiskers".
I'm so glad they're not afraid of them.
Grace had no problem helping me pop their heads off and bag them up.

After we got the pots, we headed back to Whittier.
We all had a nice, relaxing time and wished we had one more day.
I like to end the trip wishing for more.
Certainly better than the alternative, right?!

I love seeing Alaska from a boat.

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  1. Sounds and looks like a lovely first trip of the season, minus the broken door. Thank goodness Frank is handie!



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