Sunday, May 16, 2010

Cooking Party for a Five Year Old.

We had so much fun.
The girls had a full morning of "cooking" related activities.

Upon arival, each chef got to choose an apron in the color of her choice and then decorate it with fabric markers.

After all the girls were donned with aprons and had clean hands, they each sat at a station which was ready with a board, a rolling pin (wooden dowels from the hardware store, cut down to 10 inches and sanded a bit) and a ball of sugar cookie dough. I gave them instructions as to what the proper cookie dough rolling techniques are and the importance of flour. I had little plates of flour on the table as well. After they rolled out their dough, they got to use any cookie cutter they wanted and decorated it with sprinkles and toppings galore.

Then we transferred their cookie to a cookie sheet which I had written their name on in order to keep the cookies straight. (After these were baked and cooled, they were wrapped in a bag, tied with a pink ribbon, of course, as part of their favors. Their rolling pins went in there too). Each chef made about four cookies. They did a great job. I was impressed how fast they picked up the rolling part.

After the cookie making (and more hand washing) was lunch.

Make your own meat and cheese + fruit kabobs with Pirate Booty.
All was quiet...

Games followed lunch
(and hand washing!)

Pin The Candle on the Cupcake
Marshmallow Relay
The girls loved these games, literally jumping up and down happy.

The marshmallow relay was so hilarious; they were all so focused! Loved it.
Everybody got prizes for everything, things like measuring spoons, cupcake stamps, little notebooks with cakes (and cooking fairies!!), plastic cups, pink spatulas...
More filling for the favor bags...

Finally, it was cupcake time (more hand washing).
We sang to Grace with bare cupcakes,
then the sprinkles and frosting were brought back out for even more decorating and EATING!

We had a little bit of time left, so Grace opened her presents.
It was great. A lot of work, but so worth it. And I had help. Mary, my mother-in-law was there for back up and a fantastic surprise of Aunt Sarah showing up from Seattle! Wow. She ended up taking all the pictures which was so great. As lame as it sounds, I actually made a mock schedule of the order of our activities and the estimated amount of time each would take. It ended up being right on the money and so helpful for my mental sanity.

The next day was Grace's last special day at preschool and then we went boating, so we didn't have time for a family sing to Grace until a few days later, but she made sure we didn't forget.

My baby girl is five. Five. When I do my final checks at night and see her sleeping, I still am awed that she is mine. She is so beautiful, funny loving, thoughtful and has a thirst for knowledge that can't be quenched. She is such a joy.


  1. Your last paragraph brought tears to my eyes! I love it!
    The party turned out to be a great hit! Not that I am surprised! I love the theme, the activities, the games! Awesome, awesome, awesome! I am sure Grace loved every minute of it!

  2. I have been meaning to get on here to see pictures from the party!!! Everything turned out so cute. Thanks for the adorable post card we got in the mail :-) Good times.



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