Monday, May 24, 2010

Anchorage Hanging Baskets.

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This is what I have on my mind.
Hanging baskets.
The kids and I put some together and we just have to wait for them to fill in a bit.

Did you know that the city of Anchorage puts up over 100,000 of these babies all over town?! Wow. The Anchorage Daily Newspaper says they cost about $135 to grow and maintain each basket. Yowza. In fact, it was recently voted to reduce spending on all the flowers by $159,000, bringing the total DOWN to $2 million.
Doesn't that seem crazy?!
I know I love all those beautiful baskets and they are EVERYWHERE.

In other news, boating did not work out for us this weekend. When Frank came back to the dock to pick us up, the motor was making some kind of knocking noise. We left the harbor anyway, but after some floating and tinkering, we discovered that the engine wasn't shifting gears. So we had to use the 9.9 HR engine to slowly, slowly make our way back into the harbor. We were so fortunate that it wasn't windy and we didn't encounter any problems along the way. There is little to no control with the little bitty motor.

Even though boating didn't work out, it was nice to be home. The weather was lovely so we messed around outside all weekend. Frank completely buffed and polished every inch of the 30 foot boat. She is literally gleaming now. I washed the outside of the windows and together, Frank and I cleared some property to make more room for growing stuff.

Frankie and I have a spring cold. Blah.
I think we are getting better...

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  1. Wow, I am amazed by those baskets and how much the city spends on them. I guess they figure they only get so much sunshine, so they might as well take complete advantage. They are truly beautiful though!



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