Thursday, April 22, 2010

Sliding Barn Doors.

Do have a part of your house that just bugs you?!
You think to yourself, "this just does not work for me"?
I do.
I have a funny extra door in my master bedroom. I'm somewhat glad I have it in the summertime because it does help to block out the extra sunlight we get in the middle of the night, but mainly, it's just in my way. It can't open all the way because of the bed and there's not another place to put the bed due to closets on opposites sides of the room and then the lone window taking up the final wall. So to recap, I have a closet on two walls, a large window in the middle of the third wall and a door, basically in the middle of the fourth wall. Sometimes I think, I'm just going to lose the door. But then I think agian and I decide that sometimes I'd like to have it... I would love to solve this problem, if you will, with a sliding barn door. I just think these babies are so beautiful.

Here's some of my favorites:

{image found here}
Love how rustic this looks against the white.

{image found here}
I love that lime door with all the white. So clean.

{image found here}

{image found here}
I really like how this one is over a stair; interesting.
The galvanized metal hardware is cool looking too.

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  1. These doors are simply stunning. I love the old world feel of them. Especially up against the modern clean lines.



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