Friday, April 30, 2010


This week, I have been running. Not actually running, just running around. Like a crazy person. I normally don't plan a whole bunch of stuff, for the sole reason that I don't like to have too much going on. I like to keep things loose enough so when I need to fit unplanned errands or fun, spur of the moment kid activities into our day, I can.

This craziness all started when I switched up my gym routine a couple weeks ago to start going in the mornings on preschool days. The weather is warmer now, so I like to take the kids outside in the afternoons instead of hitting the gym. The only problem with that is that time used to be for my errands. Now, I have to use other time for the errands.

On the upside, nap time is over, so over and quiet time for Frankie is a joke. Hold on, I'm getting to the actual upside! Because of this, I have my afternoons again. I am no longer tied to the house. But, it's soooo strange. For the past five years, my schedule was, home for lunch, nap for about three hours, a little play time, dinner, bath and bed. So, I've always felt this haired rush to finish any and all errands/activities before lunch time because the day was basically over after that. But now, it's not. I'm constantly looking at the clock, feeling stressed because the time is going and I'm not home yet. Then I have a little mental talk with myself and remember it's okay, this is the new norm.

What have we been up to this week?

playroom at the gym
lunch and play date with Gaga

open house at Grace's new kindergarten
birthday party shopping
fishing and shrimping permits at the Fish and Game Dept
playroom at the gym
Frankie passed out on the couch

playroom at the gym
picnic at Potter's Marsh (a local bird observatory)
play date at Bounce!
Grace passed out on the couch

host a craft play date (read: quick pick up of the house!), outside picnic
trip to Costco, this is where I started to crash...
I passed out on the couch

playroom at the gym
Bouncing Bears with my boy

After I put the kids to bed last night, I took a little rest on the couch and later went to bed at a normal time. Thankfully, this morning was the first time I woke up without feeling like I was back in college and it was finals week. I felt like myself.

And tomorrow's the weekend! WhooHoo!

I have no new pictures for you, other than to enjoy the kids in their cowboy and cowgirl boots. They look so cute in them.

Tomorrow we are going to a party.
How about a weekend post to make up for the couple days I missed this week?
Sound good?

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