Thursday, March 11, 2010


I don't know if you noticed or not, but in the background of some of the pictures from this post, you could see one of my Christmas presents. Months ago, I found this tourtial and emailed it to my brother, Mark and to Frank, in hopes that one of them would make it for me. At the time, both of them were super into tying knots. Mark for his rope access work on the North Slope and Frank for his anchor line on the boat. Well, time went by and no one said anything; I wasn't surprised. Who's going to remember something from some girl-y (sorry DesignSponge! I love you!) website. But, come Christmas, I was lucky enough to get not only one, but TWO of these lovely things, handmade, by my little brother.

Aren't they just great looking.
That's one piece of rope, people!
I love them.
I keep them in the front so I can see them everyday.

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  1. I LOVE them too! They are not only beautiful but functional too. Wow, I can't believe he made them. And how sweet of him to remember! Very cool!



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