Sunday, March 7, 2010

My Silverware Drawer

All polished.
Such a beautiful site.

I finally popped into an antique shop I've been driving by for the past two years. It's surprising lovely. The store is set up in such a way as it seems to flow from room to room. In the back left corner, you go into the 50's-era kitchen area. That's when I saw the lone silverware divider. Even though it was a small selection of silverware, I still ponced on it like a cat on a mouse. You have to understand. I miss the antique markets I used to go in California so much. But that was no more in Las Vegas and an even more of a distant memory up here in Alaska. I grabbed up the first set of five spoons for $14 (crazy money; I used to pay a $1 each back in the day), just in case someone else came along at the same time... And an additional set of two soup spoons (my weakness). I loved a fork but it was $6 and there was no way I was paying that. After closer inspection, I could see the silver was really worn on the set of five and even though I LOVED the pattern on them, I just couldn't bring myself to spend that much on something I knew would not clean up good. I settled on the set of two soup spoons for $4. Not bad.

Here they are, all cleaned up.
I had to take a little Barkeeper's Friend to them after the silver polish barely made a dent.

Welcome, New Soup Spoons.

I continued walking around and found (upstairs!) a lovely settee I would love to put in my master bedroom. But it wasn't a steal of a deal, so I left it... Now I will continue on, dreaming of it and will probably go back to check on it again. Maybe bring my camera next time...

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