Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Great Big Dog Song

Just about every Monday, someone at preschool drop off will ask me if I had a good weekend or what did I do over the weekend. I never really know what to say because unless it's summer time, we don't do much of anything that's super interesting. It's almost like any other day. But. Today I have an answer. Today I can say, "I listened to The Great Big song all day on Sunday expect for that too short of a time during quiet time."

Holy, holy.

Grace was obsessed with this song. All she wanted to do was lay in my bed (which is where she was finally asked to go due to the self-taught constant repeat) and snuggle with the iPhone playing this song. So, if my Sunday came with a soundtrack, it would have been this song and my little so-not-the-next-American-Idol singing in it monotones. All. Day. Long. Don't get me wrong; I actually like the song. It's very celtic-y, Old World Folk-y. And I really like Laurie Berkner, she has great songs for kids. There's just only so much I can take. At one point Frank said, "I get it. I won't take your baby."

For your listening pleasure.

Whaddaya Think Of That?

by Laurie Berkner

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