Sunday, March 14, 2010

A Fresh Perspective

It has been cold here, really cold. Temperatures dipped back into the negatives and we are slowly, slowly climbing back out. It's hard to feel good about spring coming when you have to break out the long underwear again.

So. In an effort to keep a happy mind for the coming days of spring and summer, I am going to spend the week posting pretty pictures that I have taken of Alaskan springs and summers past (and maybe some from other sources that make me feel warm and sunny!). Please indulge me.

{image via here}

{image via here}

These are crab apple trees in bloom. I love, love, love these trees. I think they look like a huge bridal bouquets. I would love to have one in my front yard. Wouldn't a picnic underneath one of these beauties be lovely?

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