Monday, March 29, 2010

Circus Day! Part Two

All the kids were split up into different groups: tight rope walkers, acrobats, tigers, ponies, elephants and strong men. Then each group had a routine. The tight rope walkers "performed" on a balance beam. The tigers, ponies and elephants walked (crawled) around in a circle making appropriate noises (only they didn't actually make any noise. The Ring Master kept telling them to be louder, it was funny.) Then they did tricks like jumping through a hoop or standing up on a platform. The strong men lifted giant dumbbells, slooooowly, then switched hands. But I think the acrobats did the best. Their time was a little short because one of the kids was sick and didn't make it. But they each did some tricks. Grace chose to do a log roll.

I love the second one.

At the very end, you can hear Frankie saying, "My turn!"


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