Thursday, March 4, 2010

Bag of Chips

Every once and awhile, Frankie will ask me for a bag of chips. He is usually Mr. Sweet Tooth, where Grace loves salty stuff. But sometimes he needs a chip fix. Last week, he got up from nap time (ahhh, strike that, QUIET TIME...), came to me and asked, "Pease, Mommy. Pease I have a bag of chips?" Before I could answer, he took me face between his two chubby hands, got on his super cute face and continued, "Pease, Mommy. A bag a chips a me? Tiple (triple) peeeeease?" What could I do? I gave the cute kid a bag of chips. He and Grace each choose Cheetos. These are the Smallest-Bags-of-Chips-in-the-World so it's not that big of a deal to me. They are supremely happy and think being given a bag of chips (each!) is utterly fantastic. So great.

{Please excuse the sans-pants picture of Frankie, part the ease of his potty training}

Then after about two or three Cheetos into it, Grace says, "Mommy, why did this Cheetah Tiger make some yummy chips named Cheetos?!" I thought that was so funny. I even wrote it down.

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