Thursday, February 25, 2010

Sleep Habits

The kids have always been great sleepers. Grace started sleeping through the night at eight weeks old and Frankie at just five weeks. We have always been strict with their nap and bedtime schedules, so much so that now they are like little clocks at bedtime.

{taken with my iPhone, sorry for the graininess}

However, they each have their own little habits for what they need to get to sleep. Grace is crazy about stuffed animals. She must have close to 50 animals. They each have a name, she knows where they all came from, some are friends with each other, some are not. The girl LOVES stuffed animals. If she could, she would sleep with them all every night. But that just makes for a riduclous mess and takes up a lot of her bed. I let her pick five of her most favorite animals to snuggle with at night. She tucks all but one into the bed, under her "fuzzy flower blanket" and finally falls asleep with that last one in a death grip. The funny part is, even with just five animals, she still sleeps on the very outside edge of the bed. I have gone into her room to check on her and she is literally starting to fall out of bed. Every night I push the animals out of the way and try to inch her closer to the center. But even in her sleep, it's like she knows, she must leave room for them. She always sleeps on the very edge of the bed.

Frankie, on the other hand, has really only ever wanted two things to sleep with; his yellow, fuzzy blanket and his blue Beany Baby bear, Blue Bear. When he was a baby, he would comfort himself by taking little bites out of the blanket. When I would move the crib to vacuum, there would be bits of yellow fleece on the floor. He would eventually fall asleep with the blanket covering his face. He could not fall sleep without it. Once I left it somewhere and he cried for two hours until Frank came back home with. He was so relieved to have it, he went right to sleep. (Side note: directly after that, I searched the internet until I found another yellow fuzzy blanket. I did not want to be in the situation again.) Since moving out of his crib and into his bed, he upgraded to a throw size fleece blanket. Again, he will not go to sleep without it. After his bath, he loves to go lay down (naked) on top of it. He says, "Mommy, this a warm". He loves to have the soft fleece up against his face. The boy loves his blanket.

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