Thursday, February 11, 2010

Just like Daddy

For the last five years or so, Frank has been carrying a flashlight on his belt. It's part of his "suiting up" in the morning. Wallet, keys, knife, phone, flashlight, check. He uses that flashlight ALL THE TIME. It amazes me how often it comes in handy. Some matchbox car rolled under the couch, get the flashlight. Something's stuck in one of the kid's teeth, get the flashlight. Need to make shadow puppets on the wall for some afternoon entertainment, get the flashlight. You get the point...

Frankie has picked up on this. He carries his little cheap-o flashlight around with him. Uses it to look for things under his bed and into holes. Just like Daddy. Here he is, looking into the screws that hold the potty seat on the potty. My little smarty.

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