Sunday, January 31, 2010

Ice Skating

We went ice skating today. I bought the kids some used skates and we went to the outdoor rink at the elementary school down the road. I can't believe how lucky these Alaska kids are that they get to have these at their schools. I remember growing up, going to the ice rink at the mall. I was so jealous of the few little girls who had their own skates and pretty little skating outfits.
But since this is not Dr. Phil's couch, I will move on.

Grace was excited. She got into her skates right away. Then she stood up on the ice. That's where the fun stopped for her. After a little while, she got her confidence back and started enjoying herself. Frank said she got about half way out on the rink and then wanted to put her boots back on. He told her she could after she skated back to get them. He said she turned right around and slowly, slowly pushed her chair back to the edge of the rink.

Frankie wouldn't even put his skates on.

We ended up playing on the playground, having a great time.

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