Sunday, January 17, 2010

Have You Been Wondering...

So this is just a quick update (no pictures this time) to offer an explanation as to the lack of posts.

Short Story:
I've been having computer issues.

I can hear you all saying, "Ahhhhh, I feel your pain". Yes. And being the super tech savvy girl that I am, (read: NOT AT ALL) it's been slow going.

My first computer, Ole Reliable, was some how tampered with. Frankie may or may not have been involved. So we got a new one. The new one was not so great. It had problems. So we sent it back. (I feel like I'm in Dear Zoo). I now have another computer (previously owned, which is great for the pocket book and I'm very grateful for) but it is a constant lesson in all that is Zen. It's very slow to load pages, blah, blah, blah. Basically, I want to yell and scream and drop kick it out the window. Ha ha. We are debating on switching to a Mac, however, with boat season rapidly approaching (Hallelujah!) I feel like I can wait and just deal with the lesson in patience. If Job can survive his trail and tribulations, I feel like I can give this computer a chance.

Tonight, I'm going to do a real post; pictures and all. Stay tuned. In the meantime, check out the changes I've made. I've got some new buttons on the side that I found from the super talented, Cathe Holden and a lovely new header, designed by Tiffany.

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