Sunday, January 31, 2010

Photo Shoot

Every once and a while, the kids will actually want me to take pictures of them together.
Then we look at them.
This is our little impromptu photo shoot.

And a couple of mine.

Ice Skating

We went ice skating today. I bought the kids some used skates and we went to the outdoor rink at the elementary school down the road. I can't believe how lucky these Alaska kids are that they get to have these at their schools. I remember growing up, going to the ice rink at the mall. I was so jealous of the few little girls who had their own skates and pretty little skating outfits.
But since this is not Dr. Phil's couch, I will move on.

Grace was excited. She got into her skates right away. Then she stood up on the ice. That's where the fun stopped for her. After a little while, she got her confidence back and started enjoying herself. Frank said she got about half way out on the rink and then wanted to put her boots back on. He told her she could after she skated back to get them. He said she turned right around and slowly, slowly pushed her chair back to the edge of the rink.

Frankie wouldn't even put his skates on.

We ended up playing on the playground, having a great time.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Penny Match Valentines

This afternoon, Grace and I made her Valentines for her preschool Valentine's Day party. I found this tutorial last year and knew that's what we would do come February. It was great because Grace did most of the work. I kept things pretty simple for that reason. She emptied out the matches, chose decotating with stickers over coloring, and counted out 10 m&m's per box. She wrote her name on each box and started writing the recipient's name about half way through. What surprised me was how she chose the stickers for each kid. Picking different one's with each friend in mind. Each box was finished with some red and white baker's twine. Since I already had everything on hand outside of the matchboxes, the whole project cost under $3. Not bad.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Beach Boy

Just about everyday, Frankie comes to me with this thing around his neck. He says, "Mommy, ago a beach? A go a beach a me?" I say, "Not today, Big Boy, not until the snow melts." He says, "Oh, right." I have no idea what that loom thing has to do with going to the beach, but I think it's hilarious. I wish I could take him to the beach. For now he is happy with the idea that we are going when the snow melts.

The Germ Song

I know it's another video. Hope you're not getting tired of them, but it's so cute.
And helpful.

Grace learned this new song to ensure she's washing her hands long enough.
I smile every time I hear her singing it in the bathroom.

Wash, wash, wash your hands,
Soap and scrub and rinse.
Lather up throughout the day
and wash the germs away.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Fun in the Indoor Sun

I took this video about three weeks ago. In preparations for our outing at the indoor water park the next day, I had gotten their swimsuits out. They both put on their suits and were playing "beach". This involved laying out blankets and pretending to sunbath. This led to taking a snooze on the beach. I only meant to take a picture, but this was just too funny.

Have You Been Wondering...

So this is just a quick update (no pictures this time) to offer an explanation as to the lack of posts.

Short Story:
I've been having computer issues.

I can hear you all saying, "Ahhhhh, I feel your pain". Yes. And being the super tech savvy girl that I am, (read: NOT AT ALL) it's been slow going.

My first computer, Ole Reliable, was some how tampered with. Frankie may or may not have been involved. So we got a new one. The new one was not so great. It had problems. So we sent it back. (I feel like I'm in Dear Zoo). I now have another computer (previously owned, which is great for the pocket book and I'm very grateful for) but it is a constant lesson in all that is Zen. It's very slow to load pages, blah, blah, blah. Basically, I want to yell and scream and drop kick it out the window. Ha ha. We are debating on switching to a Mac, however, with boat season rapidly approaching (Hallelujah!) I feel like I can wait and just deal with the lesson in patience. If Job can survive his trail and tribulations, I feel like I can give this computer a chance.

Tonight, I'm going to do a real post; pictures and all. Stay tuned. In the meantime, check out the changes I've made. I've got some new buttons on the side that I found from the super talented, Cathe Holden and a lovely new header, designed by Tiffany.

Friday, January 8, 2010

It's a Good Day

I have the new computer.

The sun is shining.

We are healthy.

Nothing could be better at this moment.

an update from Christmas will be coming soon; so sorry for the delay.


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