Friday, December 18, 2009

Snow and such

In the winter time I mostly feel like Bill Murry in Groundhog Day, "It's going to be cold. It's going to be gray and it's going to last for the rest of your life."

However, when the sky does clear and you get a sneak peak at blue sky and gorgeous sunshine, it's so beautiful. Looking out from our house, you see the valley, covered in white and the reflection of the sun shining down on the city, painting everything pink. It's just so beautiful. Then, about five minutes later, the sun sets and turns the pink deeper, shall we say magenta...

By then the clouds are creeping back, giving the pink shadowed trees a gray background. Just lovely. I try to capture it with the camera but it continues to come up short.

This week has brought us lots about snow, about two feet. When I play in the "big snow" with the kids, I sink down deep, bringing the snow up to my thighs. We are having lots of fun.

I dug a snow maze on one of the lawns, which the kids love. I tried digging snow stairs going up the huge mountain of snow and I dig out the playground and little house.

I drag the them around the driveway on the sled and am going to make a sled run next.

The weather is cold and sometimes the days are gloomy and SOMETIMES the walls feel like they're going to close in around us, but look what I have.

How could I not be thankful?

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