Friday, December 18, 2009

Preschool Holiday Program

This past Wednesday was Grace's holiday program at her preschool. It was very cute. The party consisted of the kids singing songs, a visit from Santa and snacks. Frankie was being a pill during the song part of the program, resulting in sub par videos. I tried using a lolly pop, which usually works beautifully however, this time it only resulted in making my hair very sticky and ensuring a trip to the dry cleaners for one of my wool sweaters. I tried holding him, not holding him, sitting, standing... Nothing lasted long enough to make it through one song. So when you hear a child belly aching in the background, that's Frankie.

This is a clip of the kids coming into the room.
Warning: You may need a Dramamine to comfortably watch these two videos...

The last song:
We Wish You a Happy Holidays

Our table was right next to the dessert table. Outside of wanting to go home, which Frankie made sure everyone knew that's what he really wanted to do, he wanted a chocolate cupcake. I didn't give him one to begin with because the mom who made them was sitting right next to me. She told me how special they were to her son and how happy he was going to be when he saw that she made them for him. When Frankie approached the dessert table, she kept looking between me, Frankie and the cupcakes. But as soon as the last song was over, Frankie was up and at those cupcakes. We hadn't eaten lunch yet; I didn't care. Go to it Frankie; enjoy that cupcake you waited SO long for.

Grace is standing in line, waiting to talk to Santa, talking to one of her teachers, Ms. Debbie.

Grave NEVER looks Santa in the eye. She'll talk to him, willingly go sit on his lap, but will never look at him directly. Strange.

I thought this shot was classic. Frankie, sitting on Santa's lap, picking his nose. I'm sure Santa is thinking, "how did I get here?" ha ha.

Grace was so proud of her performance and all her other classmates. The kids did a great job. I will say these events are like a circus though. Kids, hopped up on cupcakes, running around like crazy people... It's not until I get everybody back into the car and strapped in, when I finally feel like I can take a deep breath. Whew.

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