Friday, November 27, 2009

Passing the time

We have been filling our time with the regular activities. Grace goes to preschool, we play in the snow, we play in the house. Blah, blah, blah.

If you've been one of the happy recipients then you know that Grace has become enamored with talking on the phone. She doesn't quite understand leaving a message, but she does try. She even dials the numbers. She is working on her letters, wanting to write more and more words.

We went to a birthday party at Bouncing Bears. The kids love that place. It's a big warehouse type place with those huge blow up bouncy things. It's super clean and they get to run around like crazy people. It's actually a huge workout. Runnng/crawling around after Frankie on those things is great exercise.

I thought this was so cute; they were siting right next to each other. Frankie, being surrounded by kids he didn't know (a lot were from preschool), sat a little closer to Grace than he normally would. Every once and a while they stick together.

Frank teaching Grace how to sight up a shotgun.
This day was inevitable.

As much as Grace loves all things pink and princess-y, Frankie loves trains and trucks. Specfically trucks with trailers. He makes everything tow a trailer. One night I rigged up two of his ride-on cars to "tow" trailers. He had just a great time.

One load was heavier than the other.

Until next time.

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