Wednesday, October 14, 2009

We Are Vaccinated!

I am relieved. Yesterday, we ran the kids over to the pediatrician's for their shot clinic and got them both vaccinated for the H1N1 virus. In Alaska, there's only enough vaccines for 2-4 year olds. I am so thankful they both fall in that tiny window. While we were there, Frank and I went downstairs to our doctor and got our own flu shots. Grace came in with both us to "keep us company and help us be brave". So cute. She asked if it hurt and inspected our "boo boo stickers". Frankie stayed in the waiting room, busy with his trucks and various medical pamphlets. Fortuntely the other people waiting for their appointments found him amusing. So even though Grace and Frank have had a cough for over a month, I have already had two colds and Frankie has had one, we are READY!

Here's a random picture of a bull moose I saw in front of our house. There have been a couple different bulls around "courting" Mimi, our local moose...

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