Sunday, September 27, 2009

Just Another Weekend...

There is a place on our property where our neighbor's plowed snow melts badly. The way the grade was on this hill was making the water pool up in front of the foundation of our house, creating a place where it could leak inside if not watched and redirected.

This past January, we had a huge warm up, going from negative 20 degrees all the way up to 60 degrees! Everything started melting and creating lots of problems for lot of people in Anchorage, including us. After several hours of Frank and I trying to figure out where the water was coming from and finally trenching the proper place, we were able to get the water away from the house and flowing down the driveway. We decided to fix the problem before the next winter.

Enter the backhoe.

If Frank Noble is going to rent something, might as well go big right?!

After digging the trench, he leveled out several places along the driveway that were either too high or too low. There was talk of "improving" the sledding hill, but we decided to wait a couple more years.
As I have never had the opportunity to shovel or rake gravel until now, let me just say, I now understand the term, "back breaking work". Holy, holy. I was so glad all I was doing was the clean-up/redistributing work instead of having to help do the actual digging. Thank you, Backhoe.

All and all, it was great. Frank picked it up really quickly and we got all our work done in about a day and a half. So quick that he kept the kids in with him for a bit. They LOVED it, as you can imagine. I think Grace even got to do some driving.

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