Friday, August 14, 2009

Summer is on it's Way Out

The weather has definitely shifted.

I went through the kids' clothes yesterday and put all capris and shorts and tank tops away. The lows are dipping down into the 40's at night and the next 15 days calls for rain. Much to Grace's delight, I have let her start sleeping in her fleece pajamas again. That girl loves fleece.

Her she is with Georgia Brown and her favorite fleece nightgown.

The leaves are changing on the some of the trees and my flowers are not blooming anymore. I am starting to think about planting bulbs for next spring.

As you can see the raspberries are coming in. We have sampled some of them and they are tasty.

I have switched the blanket I keep on the couch from our light weight summer quilt to our fuzzy "lamb blanket" (faux sheering). More fleece.

We are down to only one more week for Frankie's cast. So far it's been fine. After about a week, he started walking around on it and now he's almost running. He is able to climb up a ladder and into the boat all by himself. The hardest part is having to limit his outside time. We have gone through many socks. He just has so much energy, he basically wants to body slam everybody and everything. Grace and Frankie have developed a game called "Pillow Slap". It's hitting each other with pillows. It's very funny to watch them squealing in delight as they go at each other with pillows.

Grace is starting preschool in a couple more weeks. She'll be going three days a week for a couple hours a day. She is so excited. She has been wanting me to pack her snack in her lunch box for weeks. I feel really good about this preschool. It's a parent co-op type thing. Every parent takes a turn volenteering for a day. The parent is in charge of the craft table and brings the snack. By doing this, they are emliminating the need to hire a third teacher, which reduces the cost. Plus you get to go to your kids school and be slightly involved. When it's your day to volenteer, it's also the childs "special day". This means they get to sit in the special chair and bring something from home for show and tell. I told her that I thought we should get her a special new outfit for her first day of school and that she could help pick it out. She got so wide eyed and excited. Then she said, "I know where we can buy it. At Costco!". I think that's so cute that she thinks that's the place to shop for clothes. I do buy a lot of their basics there; pajamas, dresses, jeans, socks, bathing suits. I told her we could look there first but we might have to splurge and go to Old Navy. She thought that was okay, as long as we completely exhausted our options at Costco.

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