Saturday, August 15, 2009

New Boat

Needless to say, the boat is huge.
The thought of launching it is daunting to me right now.

And the kids LOVE it. Grace organizes everything over and over and Frankie just bounces all over every surface.

Once we took the radar off the mount (that thing that Frank is looking at) we were able to back the boat into the car port.

Getting the boat here was a little eventful. Frank had some problems with the master cylinder on his truck. This made him need to speed shift, shifting without actually using the clutch. I immediately pictured Little Miss Sunshine and the pushing to the van... So typical. Then one of the boat windows got blown out. And due to the road construction, at some points, they didn't get out of FIRST gear! But between my Frank and Big Frank, they made the necessary fixings and got it here, on time.

I have since called about the window. Here's a great example of a issue of living in Alaska. The window itself is $44. The shipping is $300. CRAZY. Thankfully, we have insurance. Progressive has been so great.

Since Frank has to be out of town for work this weekend and all next week, our first trip out will be August 22-24. Maybe I'll take a few pictures to show you... ha ha.

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