Thursday, July 30, 2009

We are now "those" parents...

The parents of a child with a cast. On his leg.

Frankie has a broken leg. His right tibia is broken. He has an Day Glow orange cast 3/4 of the way up his leg. Oh and we don't know how it happened. Yeah, we're those people. I fully except to see the producers of "I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant" show up anytime...

Three weeks ago, Frankie woke up from his nap in pain. Didn't want his foot or leg touched and he wouldn't put weight on it. This freaked me right out because he is a tough, tough kid. He knocks himself around all the time and if he needs anything, it's a kiss and a quick snuggle and he's on his way. This was totally different. So we went to the doctor (not our regualr doctor, the one on call). After his exam, he said an x-ray wasn't necessary. That it is very common for toddlers to have unexplained injuries with no sign of anything. There wasn't any swelling or redness so he told me to watch it and he should be fine in a few days. Which is just what happened. The crawling turned to limping and the limping got less and less until he was fine. He was fine.

Yesterday afternoon, Frank was out with the kids playing soccer and Frankie stepped on the ball wrong and fell on his bottom. He didn't get up and was crying and holding onto his leg. He didn't put any weight on it. We both decided to wait it out until this morning to see if it worked itself out. If he wasn't better I would take him to the doctor. I took him to the doctor.

So after a visit to the doctor, a visit to the x-ray lab, the fastest lunch in a hospital cafeteria history and a second visit with the doctor, we finally found out his leg was broken. We had to wait a couple hours and were then sent to the orthopedist for him to work his magic.

The orthopedist was great; said he can tell from the x-ray that it was broken before and that it partially healed. Great. But the good news is that toddlers heal wonderfully and FAST. The break didn't happen near any of his growth plates. More good news. Frankie has to wear the cast for three weeks and then he will be fine. Two weeks for the healing and an extra one for "just in cases". Outside of the annoying-ness of it, he doesn't seem bothered at all.


Both the kids were champs today. Grace took it upon herself to report the news to everyone. Everyone. All the doctors and nurses, people in the elevator, people in the cafeteria, the lady checking us out at the cafeteria, the gift shop ladies, random people who happened to be walking next to us at relatively the same pace... How it happened, who was involved, all the details. She was very concerned and acted like a great big sister. Frankie did great today too. I snagged a bag of m&m's in the lobby before the casting, which I rationed out as the wrapping was taking place. This worked out great. It kept him distracted and his hands were busy. It wasn't until we were all spooling up when he patted the cast and said, "Off". Frank explained that it was a gaint boo-boo sticker (band-aid in our house) and that he needed it on. For now that was enough to satisify him.

So all is well and bright orange.

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