Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A Warm June Afternoon

I have a serious love/hate relationship with the easel. I love giving the kids a outlet to paint and create art. They love it. However, it's so much work. Frankie would be happy painting anything except the paper; Grace, the sidewalk, his shoes, even the cat if she walked by slowly enough. This activity gives him access to four paint brushes, thick with paint and he sees the whole world as his canvas. Another downside to the easel is that everything has to happen at once. More paint is needed, a new page is needed, paint spilled and needs to be cleaned up... Frankie is mixing up the paint brushes again, Frankie is painting on Grace's side... Grace is using Frankie's favorite color and he now has to wait... The roll of paper towels has just been dunked into the rinse bucket. The rinse bucket has just been dumped out. AGAIN.

I have day dreams of being able to set up the easel, sit back and observe. We are not there yet.


I painted Grace's name for her and then she painted over it. We do this all the time. The letters under her name her painted completely by herself. I am so proud.
She made a T, a J, a X and an O.

Frankie only painted with the color blue; very interesting. When he wasn't "painting" he was messing around. He loves to blower wishers.

What better way to re-group than to have a homemade Orange Juice Popsicle?
These are a real favorite around here.

I can't believe tomorrow is July.
Summer things are starting to go on sale around here.
We only have about six real weeks left of summer.

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