Friday, June 5, 2009

The Tunnel is Open!

The rock slide area is cleaned up and the tunnel to Whittier is open for business! So great. That means that we are a mere 45 minutes from being out on the water.

We shot down there for the day. When we were readying the boat for the water, it was very windy. But once we got out of the harbor, the wind completely died down and we were left with another beautiful day. That was the third weekend in a row!

Frank let Grace drive the boat. She loved it! She took her job very seriously.

Frankie and me; before he fell asleep...


I'm digging up mussels. Yum. They were tiny, but I was thrilled to be getting fresh mussels.

Playing "Skip Rock" has become a must-do activity when we pull over.

Frankie loves to sit here on this little step.

Soaking in the sun. Lovely.


You can see a tour boat on the bottom left. We felt pretty great that we could go where the big tour boats go.

An unplanned stop at the Bake Shop in Girdwood for dinner. Soup and buttered bun, seriously buttered, by the way. Delicious. The kid's grilled cheese even looked perfect. I think we should make this a scheduled stop on the way home.

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