Tuesday, June 2, 2009

First Boating: Seward, AK

Ever since we got our new, bigger boat in January, Frank and I have been waiting and waiting and waiting for it to be warm enough to fix it up and go out. The month of May was wonderful weather-wise. We went out the second weekend and we couldn't have asked for a better start of the season. It was more warm that weekend than it was the entire summer last year. We were down to our shirt sleeves, our SHORT shirt sleeves that is and soaked in every second. The water was perfect too; nearly flat. Normally, we would go out of Whittier, but due the the rock slide, the tunnel was still closed, so the next closest option was Seward. The boat did great and we all had a wonderful time. We even saw Dall porpoises. So great.

Here's Grace and Frankie, holding hands while we walked back for the bakery with tasty boating treats...

Boat Ramp
Beautiful, Wish you were here...

Happy People

Grace was "jumping with the waves"

Here is Frankie in what we have dubbed his "boat coma". Almost as soon as we leave the harbor, he curls up with this must-have blanket and zones out until he falls alseep.

Here is nap time for everyone. Grace just said she was tired, grabbed her blanket and laid down.

Lunch time in the sun... So wonderful.

See how flat the water is? That's the OCEAN! Can you believe it?

The mandatory boat picture... Can't seem to stop taking them... Looks pretty good, huh?

Frank was beyond thrilled with the trip. We all wished we didn't have to turn back... It was a perfect day.

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