Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Double the Birthday, Double the Fun

Grace is four. Frankie is two. I still feel like buying myself school supplies in the fall... Where is Cher with a good "SNAP OUT OF IT" when you need one?!

Their birthdays were uneventful but fun. I decorated and did Grace's up a little bit more than Frankie's because she get's it. I was very proud of her cupcakes...

I believe in the importance of cake (or cupcakes) for breakfast, lunch and dinner on your birthday, if you so desire. So here is the birthday girl with her Hello Kitty and pink balloons, pink streamers, and first birthday cupcake of the day. Just to prove that she isn't a total loss, she ate about half of the cupcake and told me she wanted to save the rest for later... Good girl. Frankie on the other hand ate his so fast I thought he must have dropped it on the floor. There was just no way he could have eaten it that fast... It wasn't on the floor.

These markers from Aunt Sarah were the star of the party. He was so happy to have them. I don't know if it was because they were his or because there were so many of them or because they were smallish... But, as you can see by this picture and the next, he LOVES them!

Here's Frankie playing with his birthday blower.

Cake. Yum, cake.

Funny, she doesn't take huge bites of green beans...
Just cake. Can't really blame her.

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