Thursday, June 4, 2009

Boating: Homer, AK

For our second boating trip, we went down to Homer, AK. I love Homer. It feels like such a different part of Alaska to me. We met a friend of Frank's down there. He brought two of his kids so they all had a great time together. The pictures are limited because I was the human pillow/kid-holder-onto (the waves were very bumpy) most of the time.

There are Bald Eagles everywhere down there. It's crazy to see them all over the place. This one let me get so close to him.
We went down for two nights. Even though I wanted to camp out on the Spit, Frank said he didn't want to smell fishy. We ended up staying in this amazing bed and breakfast (they have another website here, better pictures but it's in German...). This place was so incredible. So much better than camping. What was I thinking? Even though her flowers weren't really out yet, you can just imagine what it would look like. It seems like what I picture a country European place to be.

This is on our way to the boat ramp. All the way down the Spit are these little clusters of buildings, mostly offering something in the way of fishing options. Not very tourist-y, which was nice. The day we got there a new coffee shop had just opened; delicious. Called something like Coal something or other. They had a nice doggie out front; Grace was in heaven....

No matter where we are, if there is a broom or a shovel around, Frankie will find it and drag it around with him.

I loved being behind him, watching him look across the bridge where the turkey and chickens were, but knew at anytime things could go bad...

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