Saturday, June 6, 2009

Boating, Again.

For Memorial Weekend, we went out and as Grace says, "lived on the boat" for another perfect boat trip. We went out of Whittier again, but we also took the shrimp pots. This was our first attempt at shrimping and we had high hopes. I'm pleased to say we were not disappointed. We did three "soaks" (which is when you drop the pots in the water and let them fill up with greedy shrimpys) and came away with over NINE POUNDS OF TAILS! Wow. But before I show you any shrimping pictures, lets take a tour of the boat.

The Galley
The grill on the left is a combo grill/burner/oven, if you can believe it. I'm thinking of moving the oven out of the house and replacing it with one of these...
The white fillet table you see is my food prep area. Very handy. I keep the cooler to my left on the floor and I have a giant water container with a spout on it for "running water".

The Master Stateroom

Stateroom One and Two

Isn't it spacious and ultra-luxo?! We couldn't be happier with it. Both the kids were only too happy to finally go to bed.

Now. On to Shrimping!

This is our first buoy on our first drop. We didn't hope for shrimp to be in it. We only hoped it would still be there when we came back for it.

The Deadliest Catch
(ha ha)

The kids loved the shrimp. They thought they were hilarious. Every pot we pulled up, Grace wanted to have a shrimp to sit and talk to and pet.

Look at Frankie's face; he just touched the shrimp and thought it was so funny!

Look at this Mama Jamma. He's one of the bigger ones...
Can you say, pass the cocktail sauce?!

Here's just a random smattering of other pictures throughout the weekend.

Lunch after dropping the pots.

An ultra-cool cove place we stopped at twice. There was a back lake-ish type place that filled with salt water at high tide. Lots of mussels and shells covered in seaweed.

Frank checking for bears.

Shovels and buckets

Four weekends in a row. Perfect weather, perfect water, excellent time had by all. Man, I sound like a Master Card commercial...

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