Sunday, June 14, 2009

Around the House

These pictures are just of our normal, day to day activities.

This was still pretty early after break up; you can still see some snow. It was pretty windy and cold, but I had promised to take the kids to the park after they got up from their nap. Those kinds of promises cannot make allowances for weather. They were happy to be out...

Last summer, Grace devleoped a fear of going down slides. However, now she LOVES them again. She likes to find the tallest, swirly slide there is. Frankie has learned the joys of climbing up them. Why do kids do that?

This was a HUGE puddle that they were both having too much fun in. I kept waiting for them to walk too deep and fill their boots up. Again, happy.

I had to get a picture of this. Grace totally dresses herself these days. She likes to pick a color and dress completely in that one color or a print. The combinations are hilarious. This was a classic selection. Her hat is a witch hat left over from Halloween.

Matching Big Wheels.
Both of them are still Fred Flintstone-ing it. Neither one of them get riding a bike. I don't understand it...

The first day it was warm enough to eat outside. We LOVE to eat outside.

They are both in their undershirts. So cute.

These last few pictures are of the kids and their birthday playhouse.
At first it was hard for Grace to share. There is a sign on the outside of the cafe section that can either say "We are open" or "We are closed". She put the "We are closed" sign up so Frankie wouldn't come in. When he tried, she would yell, "Frankie, the sign says we're closed!" Not very nice, but pretty smart. Nice try anyway... Now they play nicely in it. Grace is always harassing everybody into putting on a puppet show. She really loves to sit and listen to the puppets.


  1. Oh! Such cutie pies! I just came upon your blog from Emily Style. :) I love her What to Wear posts also and just popped in here to check out your neck of the woods.



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