Sunday, March 23, 2014

The Movers, Day Three.

Today was the last day. 
The house is empty and the trailer packed. 

I am a little bit of an emotional wreck. 
So many different feelings...
There aren't any pictures because of all the crying.
So sorry.

My house is so pretty now with all the work done.  
I hope the new owners love it and take care of it. 

This house has been in the family for a long time. 
It's still hard for me to believe none of us will live here anymore. 

We have great, new things to come but for now, it's very sad to say goodbye. 

In other news....
I picked up all the boxes of homeschool supplies for the kids.
There is still one more BIG box that you don't see here...

AK to OH. Day 1

Today was the first real day of driving. 
It was perfectly sunny and cool. The sun kept my toes warm in my flip flops. 

Hank is doing great riding in the RV. 
We are so much more popular at rest areas. 
Everyone wants to meet the Newfoundland!  
Hank is only too happy to oblige. 

The kids are doing great, taking hank for walks, 
helping in ways they just didn't or couldn't in the past. 

The trees are all blooming and are amazingly beautiful. 
There are random patches of yellow and white daffodils everywhere. 
Grace keeps begging us to pull over so we can pick some. 

We are in Hiouchi, California tonight.
The park is lovely. 
Lots of green grass for the kids and dog to run around on. 
The weather is perfect. 
We ate outside!!

Here's Frank using the outdoor microwave....

Tomorrow we are seeing the Redwoods. So excited!!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Movers, Day Two.

Today was day two.
Of three.
That means we are two thirds done...

Lots of progress today.

First, I want to say that the company we are using is AWESOME.
The Moving Man is a local Anchorage company.  Martin, the owner, is just a normal person, not a salesman or a Suit.  He's very easy going and believes in his and his crew's ability to get the job done right.  On that note, his "crew" are NOT a bunch of "moving thugs".  They are very polite and respectful men, who greet me (and the kids!) in the morning and seek me out to say goodbye when they leave.  They have been very careful with my home (taking their shoes off when they come inside, meticulously wrapping EVERYTHING) and generally treating all of our processions as though each one was important.  
{No one paid me to say that, I am just really happy with them and thought I'd put it out there...}

Moving on.

First thing this morning,
they started loading this truck.  Yowza.

The kids and I thought it would be a great idea to bring the movers donuts this morning.
So we did.

By lunch time, lots of things were staged and ready to be loaded.
Tomorrow we have to drop the Subaru off to get shipped, 
so TODAY we took it in for a fresh wash and wax.  
For the rest of our time in Alaska,
we'll be sporting the minivan.

Hank is super happy.

On the way back up the hill, we stopped for fuel.
Very tasty fuel.

The rest of the afternoon, went pretty quick.
While I waited for rooms to be emptied so I could clean them,
I would sit on the living room floor and look at my view.
Slightly altered from normal... 

Tomorrow will be the last day.
Yet another bittersweet moment.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The Movers, Day One.

Day one. 

Of three...

So here's what the kids did today.......

Here they are again, after the movers booted them off the couch.

Yes, they had a very big day.  

But, they were great.

The movers got most of the garage packed up,
the kitchen and 
"the girl's room" and "the boy's room".

Frank and I spent the day bouncing all over.
I cleaned and answered random questions, posted free stuff to Craigslist 
(it's AMAZING how fast people are to respond to free stuff...)
and cleaned the chicken coop.

Tomorrow, the truck starts to get loaded.

Monday, March 10, 2014


Moving. That one word can mean so much. Moving forward, moving on, moving out, moving up....  

However you look at it, we are moving. 
After six years in Alaska, we are leaving. Frank's job has us moving to Ohio. 
We are excited for all the new opportunities this will bring us. 

We have been working for months to finish all the renovation projects on our house. 
The house is finally finished and beautiful.  I am so very grateful to have lived there. 

These two have been so great, almost helpful!  :) 
They have great attitudes and are excited for something new. 
Tomorrow the movers come and will spend three days packing up our lives. 
We do not have a new house yet so we will be moving into our RV in the meantime and driving cross country from OR to OH. 

I hope to post our progress here along the way!  

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

It's Been a YEAR! And our Newfoundland Dog.

Wow!  A year (almost) has gone by.  How is that possible?
I'm feeling more inspired to get my act together.  
Maybe it's finally going to happen this time....

To start off:

Please meet our dog, 
H a n k.
(taken last year when he was a puppy)

He is a hairy, brown and white Newfoundland.
And we love him.
So much.

This is him now.
(well, in the fall, actually...)

This is his most favorite spot in the whole house.
He weighs about 120lbs but is convinced he's a lap dog.
He is happiest when we are all together, 
in the same room so he can keep his eye on us all.  

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Long Time.

When I opened up this blog this morning, I realized how long it's been since I last posted anything.  It used to be that I would love to look back through here as a kind of an "online journal".  It's been so easy to use Facebook to show off my cute kids and random things they say or things we are doing.  But I'm missing keeping up here as well.

So, here we go!

It's Spring Break this week and I'm loving it.  
Not making lunch at breakfast time is awesome!
I've really enjoying having the kids home.  
We are keeping our days easy, without too much planned.  
This allows for us to have lazy mornings and plenty of play time.  
Frank has been able to work from home this week.  
It's always wonderful to have him around with us.  

  Grace in the sunshine.

The weather has been typical for March, super random.  
It was warm (40-ish degrees) and sunny and lovely at the beginning, 
then it snowed seven inches.
Then the sun came out the next day to help melt things off.  
This morning it was TEN DEGREES.

The kid's Grandpa came in yesterday and delivered early birthday presents: Big Kid Bikes!
Thank you, Grandpa!!

Here's Frankie with his.

We found a patch of dry concrete and he took off!

Even though I am ready to say goodbye to the snow for now, I still think it's so beautiful when the sky is blue and all the trees are piled with thick, white snow.  
I love Alaska.


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